Thank you to all of our community partners and fund founders who support higher education for Tipton County students.

Seeking a Scholarship

The Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship application, as well as the common application for 60+ opportunities, are hosted on our scholarship portal

Scholarship Deadlines

Class of 2021

Lilly Endowment
Community Scholarship


August 1, 2020


September 15, 2020 at 4pm

General Tipton County
Foundation Scholarship


January 1, 2021


March 1, 2021 at 4pm

The Tipton County Foundation awards over $150,000 in scholarship each year! Currently, we have over 60 unique scholarship opportunities, all funded by local donors who care about the education of Tipton County youth. 

These scholarships are for everyone! If you are a graduating senior and you are pursuing any sort of post-secondary credential, including bachelor’s and associate’s degrees, technical certifications, and trade school opportunities; full or part time, you are eligible for funds through TCF.

Please check out our SCHOALRSHIPS GUIDE for specific information on how to apply, along with tips and resources.

Other Scholarships


The Bower Memorial Purdue Scholarship

In 2011, community minded farmers Ray & Lillian Bower donated a their Tipton County farmland to the Foundation, creating four renewable scholarships at Purdue University. This opportunity is available to all graduating Tipton and Tri-Central students planning to study Agriculture, Engineering, or Nursing at Purdue.


The George R Myerly and Sons Scholarship

George Myerly and his wife Susannah, originally from Maryland, established a farm in eastern Tipton County, and took part in the official organization of the county. Their son Silas, his son George R., and his son Lee all continued farming, as did Lee’s son Howard. In honor of five generations of the Myerly family in Tipton County, the late Howard N. Myerly donated their pioneer farm to the Foundation to establish this scholarship. This award is presented to all finalists in the Lilly Scholarship process.


Robert & Dorothy Wooldridge

The Wooldridge Scholarship is funded through a bequest from Robert Wooldridge who believed in providing a means for Tipton County students to pursue higher education. The Wooldridge is a four-year scholarship that pays up to $20,000 of student costs. 
This opportunity is available to any Tri-Central student planning to attend an Indiana college or university. The recipient must demonstrate an industrious character and are committed to serving their community.

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