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Thank you to all of our community partners and fund founders who support higher education for Tipton County students.

Seeking a Scholarship

The Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship application, as well as the common application for 60+ opportunities, are hosted on our scholarship portal

Scholarship Deadlines

The Tipton County Foundation awards over $150,000 in scholarship each year! Currently, we have over 60 unique scholarship opportunities, all funded by local donors who care about the education of Tipton County youth. 

These scholarships are for everyone! If you are a graduating senior and you are pursuing any sort of post-secondary credential, including bachelor’s and associate’s degrees, technical certifications, and trade school opportunities; full or part time, you are eligible for funds through TCF.

Please check out our SCHOLARSHIPS GUIDE for specific information on how to apply, along with tips and resources.

Other Scholarships

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