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Directors Term Expiration (June) Appointed or Elected by
Jason Hare Chair 2019 TCF Board
Susan Powell Vice Chair 2019 Tipton Circuit Court Judge
Dr. Mike Smith 2019 Mayor of Tipton
Anabeth Rayl 2020 TCF Board
Amber Rodibaugh 2020 Tipton Community Schools Superintendent
Zack Conner 2021 TCF Board
Susan Powell 2021 TCF Board
Robert Zahn 2021 Tri-Central Community Schools Superintendent
Melissa Cunnyngham 2022 TCF Board
JoAnn McQuinn 2022 TCF Board
Charles Woelfert 2023 TCF Board
Sharon Smith Treasurer 2023 TCF Board
Abby Hobbs Secretary 2023 Board of Commissioners

TCF Committees

Includes the Board members appointed by the superintendents of schools, a liaison to the Scholarship committee, and liaisons to education-oriented agencies or groups, including non-members of the TCF Board. It studies, recommends and carries out functions to achieve the Foundation’s goals for education and youth development, including the growth of endowments for Education and Youth Philanthropy.
Chaired by the Treasurer, with two or more additional Board members plus three or more non-Board members, this committee has oversight of the investment policy and its implementation, and the development and implementation of the operating budget. [Include Audit & Gift Acceptance under the Finance/Investment tab.}

Three Board members not serving on the Finance Committee, including at least one with financial expertise, recommend the choice of an auditor, meet with the auditors during their examination of the Corporation’s records, review the audit report, and recommend its approval or modification to the Board.

Gift Acceptance
The executive committee and one or more knowledgeable persons from the Board or community determine whether to accept any gift to the Foundation according to law and the By-laws, and recommend acceptance or refusal to the Board.

Two or more Board members plus three or more non-Board members, this committee solicits and reviews scholarship applications and makes nominations or awards in keeping with donor agreements; promotes and maintains scholarship fund donations; recognizes recipients and maintains contact with alumni.
Three or more Board members plus five or more non-Board members, this committee solicits and reviews grant proposals, conducts site visits with applicants, recommends awards to the Board, and evaluates the fulfillment of grant expectations.
Three or more Board members plus one or more non-Board members, this committee cultivates prospects for Board or committee membership, nominates candidates for election to the Board and offices, and carries out a program of orientation, training, recognition, and evaluation for volunteers. In making its nominations, the committee is charged to promote a balance reflecting the diverse geographic location, gender, occupation, and other factors representative of Tipton County’s population.
Three or more Board members plus sufficient non-Board members to carry out planned activities and events, this committee monitors the progress of the strategic plan, develops and implements programs for asset growth and creating awareness, relationships with financial planning professionals, and donor relations.

Women’s Fund

This committee is part of Resource Development. Click here to navigate to that page.

Three or more Board members plus sufficient non-Board members with expertise develop and implement a comprehensive maintenance plan for the Foundation’s office facility, develop plans for its use, equipment, and marketing and propose such policies as may be needed for the care, use, and improvement of the facility.
shall consist of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, the Treasurer, and the Secretary. During intervals between meetings of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee shall have and exercise all of the authority of the Board of Directors in the management of the Corporation, except where prohibited by law. They evaluate the performance of the president, and through the president any other employees; and consider and propose to the Board changes in compensation and such policies for employees that may be advisable. They review the progress of the strategic plan and monitor legal issues. They may invite past members of the Board to advise them, but their action for the Board requires that they all be current Board officers.
The Board of Directors may from time to time create and appoint standing, special or other committees to undertake studies, make recommendations and carry on functions for the purpose of efficiently accomplishing the purposes of the Foundation. There must be at least two persons on the committee, and the creation of the committee and the appointment of its members shall be by a majority of all directors in office when the action is taken.