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Check often for updates! The process for awarding scholarships varies. Contact your high school guidance department for more information.

Your high school guidance office and the institutions to which you are applying are the best places to find information on scholarships and financial aid.

Also, if you have not done so, visit the Scholarships page on our website. You will find general information there, including how to apply for the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship in Tipton County.

Anyone may contribute.  Contact the Foundation to learn how.

Unless otherwise stated, all scholarships listed below are for high school seniors planning to pursue a 4-year degree. Certain scholarsips require that the recipient be a graduate of a particular school. Others are open to either school, and a few may be awarded to home-schooled graduates.

Some of these scholarships were originally intended to consider financial need.  TCF is currently working with selection committees to determine a fair way to measure need.  If you are asked to provide information regarding financial need on or with any scholarship applications, please answer fully and honestly.  If need is a factor, and you do not provide the necessary information, you may be excluded from consideration.

Rosie Maxey Scholarship to be Awarded

The Rosalie “Rosie” H. Maxey Scholarship, endowed at the Tipton County Foundation, will be awarded for the first time in 2008. The community has given gifts in memory of Rosie, Wesley Beaty, and Dick Cage, and has supported the Hope Open Golf Tournament which has contributed to the growth of this fund. “The love and support we have felt from our community through this scholarship fund has been unbelievable. Dad and I are honored that the people who loved my mom (Rosie), Wesley, and Dick have chosen to show that through the scholarship,” said Jenny (Maxey) Cavanaugh.

“We knew that we needed to do something to grow the fund in order to award the scholarship,” Cavanaugh continued, “but the success of the Hope Open has been overwhelming. Our motto has been, ‘When you’re a Nurse, you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch you.’ That couldn’t have been more true with my mom, and we are really excited to give the first Rosie Maxey Scholarship this year to help someone else become a nurse.” The Hope Open will be held at Tipton Golf Course on Saturday, August 2, 2008.

Healthcare Scholarships

The Rosie Maxey Scholarship is open to all high school seniors residing in Tipton County who plan to pursue an education in healthcare. Applicants graduating from Tipton High School and planning to pursue a Nursing degree will be given preference.

The application for the Rosie Maxey Scholarship is available in the high school guidance offices. Completing that application also gives candidates consideration for the Indiana University Health Tipton Hospital Associates’ Scholarship established in 1988 by employees of the hospital, the Patricia Rogers and Merrilee Rice Scholarship established in 1999 by the Joe Rice family to honor Patricia and Merrilee who were both healthcare providers, and the Laurie Van Dae Scholarship established in 1999 by Peter Van Dae to honor his wife who benefited from loving caregivers.

Memorial Scholarships Established

Memorial scholarships are a valued tradition at the Tipton County Foundation. Of the 34 named scholarship endowments at TCF, 22 are memorials. There are significant stories behind all of these honorees and donors, who cared about the future of their neighbors’ children.

The Merlin M. and Margaret Q. Harlow Scholarship was established in 2004 by Stephen Harlow and Arlene Jacobs. Merlin was a 1936 graduate of Purdue University and founded the Harlow Insurance Agency in Tipton. Margaret was a piano teacher and instilled her love of music in her many young students over the years. • Preference: students planning to attend Purdue University and students planning to pursue Music as a major course of study.

The Billy B. Reel Scholarship was established in 2002 through a bequest from Winona Reel to honor the memory and character of her son, Billy. Lt. Billy Reel served in the US Air Force during WWII where he was killed in battle. In keeping with Lt. Reel’s legacy, students at Tri-Central High School with a strong commitment to their community and integrity are encouraged to apply.

The Lester V. Hart Scholarship was established in 1992 by his wife Bessie Hart, and their children Lester Hart, Jr. and Linda (Hart) Earnest. Hart was a local Prudential Insurance agent who made it a priority for his children to pursue higher education, and then for Bessie to return to college later in life. • Preference: students planning to attend a Christian college or university.

The Jessica Merrell Scholarship was established in 2002 by her grandparents Mary and Harold Merrell. • Preference: Jefferson Township residents and students planning to attend Ball State University.

The Fred P. Calhoun and Bill White Science Club Scholarship was originally established in 1994 by his wife Carolyn Calhoun. Mr. Calhoun was a beloved Science teacher at Tipton High School. When Mr. White, who was a dear friend and colleague of Mr. Calhoun’s retired in 2007, the Calhoun family asked the Foundation to include him in the name of the scholarship. • Preference: students who have participated in the Science Club.

The George E. Shortle Scholarship was established in 1993 by his wife Catherine. Shortle served as president of the Tipton School Board and the Tipton Telephone Company for many years. Catherine carried on his many business and civic activities until February 2008 when she passed away. • Preference: students with a high academic performance and a strong civic commitment.

The Hilton H. Hobbs 4-H Livestock Scholarship was established in 1993 by former members of the Tipton County 4-H Program. Hobbs played a vital role in the history of Tipton County through his professional and personal concerns, such as community banking, the county hospital, and the livestock auction at the fair. • Preference: students who are involved in the 4-H Livestock Program.

The Bob and Lillie Enneking Scholarship was established in 2000 by their son and daughter-in-law, Jerry and Roxanne Enneking. It honors his parents who were active members of the Tipton County community. • Preference: students planning to attend Purdue University.

The Eva O. Lilly Scholarship was established in 1999 by her daughter Nancy Poer. Eva Lilly was a leader in fostering the participation of girls in the Tipton County 4-H Program. • Preference: students who are ten year members of Tipton County 4-H.

The Dorman Rogers Scholarship was established in 1995 by his wife Marilyn Rogers and their daughter Karen McKinney. Rogers was a beloved local educator. • Preference: students in the top five to ten percent of their graduating class who plan to pursue Education as a major field of study at an Indiana College.

Athletes, Artists, and Average Students All Eligible…

The Marty Walker Scholarship was established in 1996 by the John Walker family. It honors the memory of Marty who was a pioneering member of the Girls’ Track team when it became a varsity sport at THS. • Preference: members of the THS Girls’ Track team.

The Eldon Cage Scholarship was established in 2001 by American Legion Post #46. Cage was named a Sagamore of the Wabash and was a true community leader. • Preference: students with a strong civic commitment.

The John C. Moses Scholarship was established in 1997 by his friend Robert Nash. Moses was a Tipton High School Coach and Teacher. • Preference: students who have participated in the THS Athletic Program.

The Herbert “Lanky” Snyder Visual Arts Scholarship was established in 1983 by the Tipton County Art Guild. Snyder was a well-known and active local artisan. • Preference: students planning to pursue Visual Arts as a major field of study.

The Mike Hoover Scholarship was established in 1994 by his friend Brook Edwards. Hoover was a life-long athlete and Tipton High School graduate. • Preference: students who have participated in the THS Athletic Program.

The Walter York Scholarship was established in 1999 by Steel Parts Federal Credit Union. Mr. York started the credit union in 1953 as a way to help his fellow factory workers. • Preference: students who are members or whose parents are members of Steel Parts Federal Credit Union.

The Robert J. Woods Scholarship was established in 1992 by Pioneer Hi-Bred International. Woods was instrumental in bringing Pioneer to Tipton County and was a School Board member. • Preference: Students with an average academic performance, rather than the “top ten.”

The George R. Myerly and Sons Scholarship was established in 2005 through a bequest from Howard Myerly. The Myerlys were a pioneer family of Tipton County who have always valued education. The Myerly Scholarship is awarded through the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship process; the finalists who are not awarded the LECS each receive a one-year Myerly Scholarship.

The E.W. Kelley Scholarship at Indiana University Kokomo was established in 1995. E.W. “Ed” Kelley, the modern-day founder of the Steak n Shake restaurant chain, is considered to be marketing innovator around the world, yet Mr. Kelley never forgot his Tipton County roots. Living in Sharpsville until his death in 2003, Kelley was a member of the first Tipton County Foundation Board of Directors. He supported Howard Community Hospital, IU – Kokomo, and the Indiana – Bloomington Business School, which was renamed in his honor. This scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship for a student attending IUK full-time who is graduating from one of the two county high schools. • Preference: students in the top 20% on their class who scored 1100 on the Reading and Math sections of the SAT.

The Richard and Mildred Harrison Scholarship was established in 2002 by their daughter and son-in-law, Barbara and Lester Lockard. This scholarship is awarded to college seniors. Applications are adue by November 1 of the year before graduation. Click This Link for Application Details Harrison

Additional Scholarships…

Tipton County 4-H Council ScholarshipApplicant must be a member of Tipton County 4-H.

Grayson, Pottenger, Q95 ScholarshipApplicant must be deemed to have the best sense of humor.

Tipton Bus Drivers • Applicant is planning to pursue higher education.

Indiana University Health Tipton Hospital Associates Scholarship • Applicants must be planning to pursue a healthcare career, such as medicine, nursing, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, laboratory sciences, pharmacy, radiologic technology, or dietetics.

Tipton County Purdue Alumni ScholarshipApplicant must currently be attending Purdue University.

Rotary Vocational ScholarshipApplicant must be planning to pursue a vocational education, have a GPA of a "C" or higher,  and submit a short essay describing future goals in the vocational field.

James E. and Emogene Davis ScholarshipIntended for those planning to study Engineering at Purdue. Funding is being developed. Will not be awarded in 2008.

Suns of Tipton Kiwanis Scholarship • Four scholarships awarded per year; one gives preference to Key Club members.  Kiwanis also awards the Richard Ryan Continuing Education Scholarship for older applicants.

Windfall Lions Club • The Club is developing the endowment, and in the meantime is awarding scholarships to Tri-Central seniors through annual fundraisers.

Donor Information

Each year, the Foundation applies some of the earnings from its investments to the various individual Funds that have been established at TCF since its founding in 1986. Primarily, this is “operating money.” Each Fund can use these earnings for the grants it makes to fulfill its intended purposes. Most of the Funds at TCF are “Endowed,” made up of donations that can never be spent. These endowments receive an extra payout from the Foundation’s earnings to help them accumulate and not lose value to inflation over time.

In the list above, a Fund with the designation, “NE” is Not Endowed. This means that the full amount of the contributions made could eventually be withdrawn for the intended purpose. This is useful for a building fund, for example, or for short-term projects. At the end of each listing, the bracketed [number] is the reference number the Foundation uses in accounting for that Fund.

Assisting Donors Click the button to obtain other donor information, including the other kinds of funds the Foundation maintains, besides scholarships.

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