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Community Leadership

The Foundation continues in its traditional role encouraging philanthropy by supporting our donors and partnering with them in strengthening our community. The Foundation also helps our local charities and charitable causes through effective grantmaking to those with the greatest need. But perhaps our greatest, emerging source of activity is in community leadership. Our goal is to act as a catalyst for transformational, positive change for our community. Examples of those projects and activities we promote and encourage that have an impact throughout the county include:

  • Enhanced U.S. 31 access in Tipton County even as the state moves toward limiting such access

  • Seeking out grants to expand service and improve relationships with broadband provider

  • Healthy lifestyles through additional mileage for trails and walkable paths

  • Common sense and thoughtful community and economic development

  • Compiling a county-wide vision plan that will serve as a roadmap for moving the county forward

We welcome new ideas and projects and are always available as a sounding board for your idea.

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