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The Tipton County Foundation is accredited in compliance with National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations™, a program that establishes legal, ethical, effective practices in philanthropy.

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Conference Center

1020 W. Jefferson St.

(Please send all mail to PO Box 412.)
Info &

When You Are a Guest at the Tipton County Foundation Office and Conference Center

1020 West Jefferson Street

(Near the Pioneer Office)


Directions: MapQuest® does not have it exactly right!
From US 31 (west of Tipton), do turn east on IN 28, but watch for County Road 300 West. You will see the blinking yellow light and Trinity Wesleyan Church on your right. Turn left (north) on CR 300. Then take the first right, Jefferson St. Pass a few farms and houses and you will come to the first Pioneer driveway, leading to their Production Plant. Take the second driveway, which passes right in front of our building and leads to the adjoining parking lot.
From the East
, use IN 28. It is also Jefferson St. in Tipton, but it forks on the west side of the city. IN 28 bears left. Bear right to stay on Jefferson St. and find our building, #1020. (Past the Moose Lodgeand the first Pioneer driveway and building.) Take the second driveway, which leads to the parking lot adjoining our stone building.

On behalf of the Tipton County community, the Foundation is grateful for the gift made in 1999 by Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. of their former training center to become our headquarters.

Although we currently do not make a formal charge for the nonprofit use of the facilities, your tax deductible contribution to our maintenance or technology funds, or to any other component fund of the Tipton County Foundation, would be most appreciated. Why TCF Does Not "Rent Out" the Conference Center  No "Rentals"

Foundation office hours are usually 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. each weekday, with a break at lunchtime. Call or email for assistance at any time. The auditorium, dining room, and meeting rooms may be reserved for community groups, business meetings, or civic activities...  daytimes, evenings, or weekends.

The Tipton County Foundation is happy to have you use the Conference Center for your meetings and activities.

Reservations must be made by telephone, and not by email. Please call (765)675-1942.

We are not staffed to set up and take down the furniture, so we appreciate you restoring the rooms you use according to the posters and these directions.

Parking is available in the lot adjoining our building on the east side. We encourage you to leave our front driveway open for deliveries, short-term visitors, and parking for those with disabilities.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Tipton County Foundation Office and Conference Center. We appreciate your cooperation.

To obtain a key in order to use the building when staff are not present, please arrange a day ahead of time. The door key opens the door for your entry but does not leave it unlocked. There is a light switch for the entrance air lock.

To lock the front door “open” once you are inside, use the hex wrench hanging on the right side of the entrance. Push the crash bar all the way in on the left-hand door and insert the wrench in the hole you can feel under the right end of the bar. Turn the wrench until it stops and then hang it back on its hook. Make sure the door opens easily. Reverse the process when you leave, and once outside be sure both doors have locked behind you. Please leave your entrance key on the reception desk; you will not need it to lock the front door.

The same front door key unlocks the back door by the kitchen, in case entrance there will help you with unloading food or materials. It is a little tricky and will leave the door unlocked, so be especially careful if you use it. As an alternative, if you enter the front door, you can use the back door’s crash bar and the wrench that remains inserted in it to lock it open for your deliveries and access to the trash dumpster. Make sure it is locked before you leave.

As you enter the lobby, the first light switch on your left turns the ceiling lights on and off. Typically, they are used only when the use of the lobby is important. More likely, the hanging globes will be adequate, and they are controlled by the second switch eight feet away. If the atmosphere seems too dark, use both sets of lights as you think best. Be sure to turn them off when you leave.

We thank the members of the Tipton Art Guild for contributing to the atmosphere of the Center by exhibiting some of their work in the lobby and meeting rooms.

Social events are sometimes accommodated in the Center. Please call for an appointment to meet in person with the staff when planning such an event.

Please Do Not Change the Settings on the Temperature Controls. We apologize for any discomfort, but the heating and cooling system in our Conference Center is very complex. The thermostat in one location may control the temperature in other locations as well. Certain outdoor temperatures trigger whether the heat pumps come on or we run on auxiliary systems. Obviously, the size of the crowd and the weather conditions will vary, but our HVAC Engineers have set these automatic controls to accommodate any changing conditions. We appreciate you letting us know if the system seems to be out of order, but if you make changes on your own, discomfort or damage can result.

Meeting Services

Meeting Room Capacity

Click for photos and details about Room Setup.

Auditorium ~ 84 seats at the amphitheatre tables plus 16 at 2 conference tables on the upper decks=100

If the folding doors are opened to make a single room on the west side of the building, 120 people can be seated at 20 tables of six in the combined space. Typically, they are arranged separately.

  • Dining Room ~ 64 at 9 tables of six or eight seats
  • Board Room ~ 18 in hollow square with additional chairs available or the room can be arranged with two separate tables
  •     12 at a smaller hollow square
  •     8 at another table
  • Workshop Room ~ 15 at five tables facing the presenter classroom-style with additional chairs available

We may be able to accommodate you with a limited number of emergency photocopies or with document creation at one of our workstations.

Please let us know if you intend to use any of our Electronic Equipment in the Auditorium or other meeting rooms. The Sound System can be used with our Microphones or CD Player upon request.

We also have Overhead Projectors and Screens for those rooms, which are usually equipped with White Boards and Flip Chart Pads.

Wireless Internet connections may be available. If your laptop is indicating a signal, ask us for the password. This service is not usually provided unless our staff is present.

The Control Room in the Auditorium is off limits unless you have been authorized. We have a Ceiling-Mounted InFocus Computer Projector which will also show video images from our VCR and DVD Players on the Giant Screen. If you want to use it, you will need your own laptop for PowerPoint or similar presentations. With wireless technology, you can also show material form the Internet. Pre-arrangement and staff orientation are necessary for the use of this technology.


Please let us know if you plan to use the Kitchen. Typically, we do not permit cooking on site, but our stove, oven, and microwave can be used for warming or finishing your refreshments.

We can recommend a Caterer who is accustomed to our procedures and is familiar with what resources we have available.

We are pleased to make ice available for your use. The Icemaker is in operation and there are some ice buckets under the center island in the Kitchen.

The Freezer and the right-hand shelves of the Refrigerator are available for your use.

If you need to use any of our Beverages or bottled water from the left side, be sure to leave payment of $1 each in the honor basket.

Please use the Recycling Bins, one for aluminum cans only and one for plastic bottles, located by the kitchen door and in the lobby.

The commercial Coffeemaker is in working order. Do not use it if we have not shown you its operation. There is also a small home-style coffeemaker available. Carafes for serving coffee are under the center island. You are welcome to use our creamer, sweetener, and disposable cups.

Whatever appliances or equipment you do use, be sure it is all left clean, per the instructions.

Cleanup and Checkout

q Please Take Out Your Trash
If you have served food or drink, or if the trash receptacles in the room(s) you used have become nearly full of paper, we ask you to take the bags to the dumpster outside the back entrance by the kitchen. Be careful that the building door does not close tightly behind you when you go outside, but do make sure it is locked once you are back in.

Kindly replace the bags you remove. New trash bags are in a brown box inside the Kitchen by the entrance. The light switch to the kitchen is hard to reach, behind the right-hand door. You may have enough light to locate it by turning on the hall switch opposite the kitchen doors.

If you need a vacuum cleaner, there is one in the Custodian’s closet by the Dining Room. Other cleaning supplies are also available there in case of spills.

q Please Check the Restrooms
Restrooms are located at the center of the lobby, and there is a light available for their entranceway as well as in each restroom. Before you leave the building, please check each restroom to be sure:

The toilets have been flushed
No water is running at the wash basins
Paper towels have been disposed of properly
The doors to the restrooms are propped all the way open
The lights are off.

q Please Turn Out the Lights and Check the Doors
If your group is the last one out, please be sure the lights are out throughout the facility, including the front entrance air lock. (There is a security light in the Dining Room, and one in the hallway by the Auditorium, that remain on. The outside lights are automatically controlled by electric eyes.) Pull on both doors once outside to be sure the lock has engaged.

q Please Leave Your Key and a Note at the Reception Deskto report any problems or suggestions you may have.

In case of a police or fire emergency, call 911 and contact the us at 675-1940.

q Thank You for Making Good Use of This Facility!
Please remember, when your meeting is over, kindly take any bags of trash to the dumpster behind the building, reset the furniture in your meeting room as indicated on the wall posters, be sure the sliding room divider is completely closed, turn out the lights, and leave the room doors propped all the way open. Use the posters in each room to restore their setup after your meeting.   Room Setup

Contact Us Reservations must be made by telephone, and not by email. Please call (765)675-1942.
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