Education Initiatives

The Tipton County Foundation Education Committee:

is a collaboration of the public school systems, pre-schools, homeschooling parents, Indiana University Kokomo and Ivy Tech (as well as Ball State, Purdue, and other popular college choices of Tipton County students), youth-serving organizations, and agencies and churches that offer adult education. It includes the TCF Board members appointed by the superintendents of schools and a liaison to the Scholarship committee.

What is their function?

The Education Committee studies, recommends and carries out functions to achieve the Foundation’s goals for education and youth development, including the growth of endowments for Education and Youth Philanthropy.

The Education program officer ( • (765)675-1943) at the Tipton County Foundation supports the following initiatives and manages the scholarship programs, as well as Youth Philanthropy and Ducky Day in Tipton Park on the Sunday prior to Labor Day weekend each year.

County-Wide Study on Education

The Tipton County Foundation has released a summary report of studies it commissioned in the Fall of 2017 regarding the Tipton and Tri-Central school systems. The executive summary focuses on the four areas of the study: the implications of Indiana’s open enrollment for “transfers,” enrollment forecasts, academics, and workforce characteristics.

These studies were performed by consultants McKibben Demographic Research and Dr. Carol and Dr. David Lindquist. They were conducted in full cooperation with the two local school boards and superintendents. The consultants formed their own conclusions, based on data available from many public sources as well as interviews with local officials.

Although the full study identifies many positive findings and implications, this summary focuses on opportunities, threats, and other needs.

The purpose of these studies is to provide information and context to better understand and evaluate the current state of the county’s education systems. While the Foundation itself does not advocate for any particular change, we believe the action steps outlined in this report can be a starting point for policymakers to consider as they prepare the community to face the challenges of aging population and evolving workforce.

View or print the summary here:

For those interested in a deeper dive into the study, the full 168-page April 23rd report (including the May 29th press release and executive summary) is available by clicking here.

Printed copies are not available from the Foundation.

A public presentation of the report will take place from 6:30 to 8:30 pm, Wednesday, July 25, at the Tipton County Fairgrounds Auditorium, 1200 S. Main St., in Tipton.

Due to the length of the formal presentation, written questions and comments will be collected to be answered as soon as possible after the meeting. There will be no handouts, so interested participants may want to familiarize themselves with the report in advance.

Those who wish to take part in discussions about any aspects of the study are urged to let their school administration know of their interest, so they can be invited to meetings the schools may organize. Groups that wish to organize their own meetings are invited to inquire about Foundation staff assistance with facilitating and meeting venues by contacting Chad Huff at or 765-675-1943.

Readiness for Kindergarten

Each year, more and more students are arriving in Kindergarten under-prepared. In cooperation with the two county school systems, the Foundation has created the Kindergarten Ready program. This is a two week, “pre-kindergarten” class, staffed by a licensed elementary educator with the purpose of preparing those children with little to no preschool experience to begin Kindergarten in the fall.

The Kindergarten Ready program seeks to provide skills to students who were not given the opportunity to attend a pre-school, or equivalent. Among these skills are basic knowledge of letters, numbers, shapes and colors, as well as introductions to reading and writing. In addition to these “educational” skills, students are prepared for the technicalities of the classroom setting, and therefore make a smoother transition into the classroom, impacting the learning environment for both the subject and his or her classmates.

In 2018, the program will run daily from 8:30am to 12:30 pm July 16-27 at both Tipton and Tri-Central Elementary Schools.  Visit to learn more and register your incoming Kindergartener.  

Readiness for Graduation

TCF grants support such programs as the Work Ethic Certificate and various aspects of graduation requirements to help make sure students are prepared for the world of work, military, or continuing their education.

TCF encourages families with young children to create 529 College Choice Savings Plans. College Choice 529s offer: Tax-deferred investment growth, Tax-free withdrawals for qualified expenses, Gift- and estate-tax benefits, and flexibility of use at eligible colleges, universities and vocational schools worldwide. Consult your financial advisor.

TCF offers extensive scholarship resources, including facilitating over $165,000 in awards annually to Tipton County students ( TCF is also a resource for guidance on college and career decisions. Parents with students as young as middle school can begin to compare college options and get a realistic look at college costs by, visiting

TCF is an active member of the Tipton County Workforce Advisory Council, facilitating conversations between the community schools and local industry regarding workforce issues, educational gaps and internship/job shadow opportunities.

Special Grant Opportunity for K-12 Educators!