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Connecting People With Causes That Matter

Whether your resources are great or small… the United Community Fund can combine your gifts with those of many others, to benefit the causes that matter to all, through the Tipton County Foundation.

The nonprofit social service agencies at work in Tipton County need thousands of dollars every year to provide the essential programs that support the quality of life for everyone. The Tipton County Foundation, a member of the Indiana Association of United Ways, conducts and underwrites the expenses of an annual campaign, so that every dollar donated by the public can be used for grants to the partner organizations of the United Community Fund. How has this come about?

A Half-Century of Community Leadership and Service

For more than fifty years, the original Tipton County Community Fund helped local social service organizations with some of their fundraising burden. A unified campaign each autumn has helped to partially fund the important work these agencies do year ‘round to provide a safety net and helping hand.

Working Together for the Future of Tipton County!

In the Fall of 2007, the Tipton County Foundation joined this effort and in a series of ads and mailings announced that it would match certain gifts to the Community Fund. On November 29 last year, the Tipton County Community Fund, Inc., was formally dissolved. Among its final grants were contributions to the community fund operating endowment at the Tipton County Foundation. TCF also received TCCF's unexpended funds for current operations, such as rent, telephone, and insurance, and all of their equipment and records at the Community Connections offices, 121 N. Main St., in Tipton. The Foundation acknowledged all of the contributions made in the Fall 2007 campaign, and pays the bills that come due.

TCF has established the United Community Fund to carry on the tradition of collaborative fundraising in Tipton County. We have become a member of the Indiana Association of United Ways, so that we can continue the best practices in this important area of philanthropy. (Technically, we cannot become a United Way of America affiliate because that federation of local United Ways is not accepting more members. The only way to affiliate today would be to join an existing United Way in a neighboring county.)

Members of the community can thus contribute your fair share, whether by a one-time yearly gift or memorial, a payroll deduction arranged through your employer, or a pledge that enables you to increase your total gift by spreading the payments. Gifts to the special United Community Fund at TCF are not endowed and invested, but the entire amount contributed by the public to the United Community Fund this year will be added to the Foundation’s grantmaking budget for all the charitable needs in the county next year. Foundation grants are awarded strategically, based on the high impact that projects will have on improving community life.

Your Giving is Essential

The United Community Fund at the Tipton County Foundation is ready to receive your gifts and will distribute them fairly to the partner agencies, based on proposals those agencies submit. You have the option of designating how your gift will be allocated, but we hope you will entrust to TCF the flexibility of making it possible for all of our partners to provide their essential services.

Your donations to the Tipton County Foundation are fully tax-deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Pledges are not deductible until they are paid. Matches by your employer qualify the company for a deduction, but do not increase the deductibility of your own gift. Some companies also match employee or retiree contributions. Send in the paperwork with your check and TCF will complete it to double your gift!

Make a High Impact Gift Now

Contribution Form Kindly click on the link to open a contribution form in Microsoft Word. Print it out and mail it in with your check to make a personally significant investment in the United Community Fund. You will note that the form invites you to invest your time and talent as well, to help TCF to encourage others to do the same. Call for information or assistance at any time: (765)675-1941. Thank You!

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